What to wear on your first online date


Today we’re going through a stage where we are so busy and don’t have time to meet people in real life. We are having more interaction with our phones than with actual people. We communicate with our friends through imessage or facetime. Since I was 10 years old, I’ve love to interact with people online. I have made great friends through the Internet. I am a believer that you can meet very important people in your life through a screen. There’s no surprise I’ve been on online dating apps.

I must admit that I knew nothing about dating applications until I moved to Phoenix. I saw some match.com commercials on tv but I had never heard about Tinder, Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel before that. The girls from the office loved to share their stories. I was fascinated by them. I wanted to give them a chance. Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of bad experiences. The first time I was canceled before going to the date. He asked my Instagram and moments later, he canceled the date. I guess my Instagram pictures are horrible hahaha. On my second tried, I went to his house with a friend to watch a movie, after that he stopped texting me. My third and last time… there was just too much tequila involved. That’s all you need to know. After these 3 horrible experiences, I said goodbye to the dating apps.

I have to admit that it’s always scary the first. It’s fun when you’re browsing through the photos of the boys. You laughed so hard of their pictures and descriptions. My ex-roomie shared a folder of the most ridiculous and hilarious pictures. Then when you get match with the guy you like, you get all excited. Then you walk into panic when finally you’re going to meet him. You never know if he will be a rapist or the charming boy who you’ve been texting in the last couple of weeks.

That’s why I was so glad with the new update of Coffee Meets Bagel. It’s called #LadiesChoice. Where you’ll only see the guys (or bagel, in this case) that already like you. So now, you are going to decide if you want to match back. You have the power now, ladies. You’re not going to be all concerned if the boy you like match you back, because he already likes you. Now it’s a guarantee that he does. I told my friend Anna about the new update of Coffee Meets Bagel. After a couple of days of using the app, she got 3 matches and 3 dates.

Anna asked for my help of how to dress up for her first dates. Each one of them was going to be different activities, so her wardrobe needed to be different. Maybe I’m not the best person to give you love advice, but I can totally help to find the perfect outfit for your online date.

What you’ll wear for your first date is always a great dilemma. You want to impress him, like Anna, but you don’t want to scare him. You need to be yourself and feel comfortable. The first impression always counts. The “dress to impress” code is real. Don’t worry, here are the tips I gave to Anna:

1. If you are going to see a movie or coffee date…

Being comfortable is the key. You need to be confident about yourself, so you can shine on your date. This date is a casual one. I recommend you to wear some boyfriend jeans with a blouse of a color that favors you. Take advantage of the off-the-shoulder blouses. They are very feminine. Add a denim jacket in case the movie theater is cold. For shoes, look for some cute sandals or flats.

2. If you are having dinner date…

Your outfit has to be more elaborate than the coffee date. You will need to wear a dress; statement jewelry and heels (again, wear the ones you feel most comfortable with. We don’t want you to fall in front of him. Believe me. It happened to me.)

3. If you go for drinks at Happy Hour…

A pencil skirt with a top and vest, it’s your outfit to go. Most likely, this date will be after work. You need to wear something you can use for both work and your date. On your way to your date, add a red lipstick to give you color and a sexy look.

Here are some extra tips:

  • Use simple and minimalistic makeup. Do not use heavy makeup. We want him to fall in love with you, not a fake version of yourself.
  • Do not show too much skin on your first date, you don’t want to send the wrong impression.
  • Wear a balanced outfit. If you’re wearing a backless blouse, use a pair of pants. If you’re going to wear a skirt, pair it with a long sleeve shirt or a jacket.

First dates are fun, you just have to be confident and enjoy it. If I doesn’t’ work, don’t stress out about it. The important thing is that you went out, gave you an opportunity to meet someone new and had fun. Look at the positive side, you got a free dinner. Do not lock yourself; you never know if you are going to meet THE ONE for just sliding right to an app. Look at one of my best friends. She is getting married in November with her Tinder boyfriend. Now go and take advantage of this new update at Coffee Meets BagelDownload the app here.

If you want advice on an outfit, you can send an email to avi@petitefashionmonster.com and I’ll gladly help out.



  • Great tips – I love seeing the recommendations on what to wear!