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Hey! Who’s excited for the long weekend? Even thought I don’t have any big plans for it, it feels good to be home and relax a little bit. I´m also planning on catching up with ¨This is Us¨. Any fans over there? I need to talk with someone about my obsession with Jack cause he really is the perfect husband and father.

Let’s get real guys. The velvet trend is running all over the world. You can see it on checkers, dresses, shoes and shirts. I love velvet. It reminds me so much of the Renaissance era with all those big and puffy dresses. Obviously nowadays, the velvet trend is more modern and minimalistic, like this velvet shirt from StyleWe., its color is beautiful and it looks like purple on the pics, but it can also look kinda brown . I’ve received tons of compliments wearing that color regarding how it looks so good on me. The jacket itself is not the best for winter cause the fabric isn’t warm at all, but you can compensate that fact wearing a nice long sleeve underneath, so everything is going to be all right.

If you are wondering where to wear this look, it’s wonderful for work, mostly because it adds a touch of glamour. You can match this shirt with some statement sunglasses, and your favorite rain boots like me. Sorry, I’m obsessed with my pair of rain boots from Target and I can’t stop wearing them. Don’t judge me if it’s not raining at all and I’m wearing them still.  Any ideas of a way I should wear this shirt? If you love it, don’t hesitate and buy it. You can click any of the pictures and it will lead you to the shirt. Btw, have a wonderful weekend!



How I found the cutest pajamas

  One thing you must know about me is that I’m not much of a pajama person. I used to sleep with my big old hoodies, and any leggings I found on my closet. During the weekend, my mom never let my brother and me being on pjs. The first thing we would do was

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The Bomber Jacket

Hello my petites! How it’s your week going so far? A lot of good surprises, have been happening to me. This year is going wonderful so far. I feel so blessed. Finally, all my hard work is paying off. Let’s keep going with the good vibes. I love this burgundy bomber jacket. The bomber jacket made

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What to pack for Seattle

In less than two weeks, I’m going to visit Seattle for the first time. I’m so excited to travel to a new place. One of my 2017 resolutions is to do it more often. So when a friend invited me to a weekend getaway by the end of the month, I say yes without hesitation.

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Hello, my petites! I hope you had some beautiful holidays. I’ve been eating a lot of tamales since I arrived to my hometown Mexicali two weeks ago. I’m going back to Phoenix with some extra pounds.  I swear to God.  To my defense, it’s difficult to say no to all the dinners and lunches, my

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